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B12 is single of 8 water-soluble B vitamins plus is involved in every cell's metabolism. It also has a primary part inside maintaining normal brain and nervous system functioning, as well since from the synthesis of fatty acids and in blood cell formation. B12 sublingual liquid may be purchased at most nutrition or fitness food stores. Sublingual liquid is a concentrated kind of B12 and may well include additional combinations of B vitamins.

Difficulty: Effortless. hcg diet.


Things You'll Need

Sublingual B12 liquid

1 Purchase B12 sublingual liquid, which may be found in many nutrition or health food stores. Sublingual B Total sells some quality B12 sublingual liquid formula.

2 Read all directions on the bundle to assure suitable usage and to avoid excessive dose.

3 Twist cap that includes eye-dropper. Squeeze the recommended dose under your tongue and handle to 30 seconds to allow absorption to occur. Then swallow the liquid.

Please look for the recommendation about your health care professional. B12 augmentation is not obligatory for everyone.


Sublingual B Total

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