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Any stud yous some wooden 2-by way of-4 or 2-by-6. Studs make upward the inside frame of a wall. Heavy postpones or pictures are most protected when mounted to wall studs.

Trouble: Effortless


things you'll need:

Stud Finders

1 Rap on the wall together with your knuckle.

3 If you don't trust your ear, use one electronic stud finder, available at most hardware stores. It beeps or flashes whilst it passes over wall studs or ceiling joists.

4 Try to locate the center of the stud. (This will be halfway between the edges detected by an electronic stud finder.)

Suggestions & Warnings

You don't have to knock difficult for this to function. Stud finders are not invariably reliable. Drill a hole or pound in a nail to be absolutely you've found the stud.

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krilee Feb 01, 2009 Our house was built in 1906. I'm trying to put a shelf in a closet. I found the first stud, but where the moment one should be I drill through the drywall also then hit something that is the drill will never penetrate. (We boast found this problems elsewhere from the house while hanging pictures, etc.) This closet is adjacent to the fireplace, plus the unpenetrable layer seems to extend the rest about the wall and around the corner to the adjacent wall (the one that is back to the hearth).

Or do you need each other recommendations?

Any assist would be appreciated.

Jan 25, 2006 Wrap any strong magnet inside light cloth or paper (so since not to scratch or mar the wall) and lightly rub the wall in it. It should drag when crossing over a nail head, therefore absolutely pull the magnet upright downward to find the next nail head.

Nov 22, 2005 You can't use the nails in baseboards as some reliable manual for finding studs. The base trim is often nailed at once to the bottom plate and never to any stud.

Nov 22, 2005 Wrap a strong magnet in gentle fabric or paper (then as never to scratch or mar the wall) and lightly paint the wall by means of it. It ought to drag when crossing over any nail brain. Then only just pull the magnet upright downward to uncover the next nail head.

Nov 22, 2005 My wall now resembles swiss cheese. Each time the Black and Decker stud finder I bought at Wal-Mart went off, I drilled a hole. So far, I own located one stud in 82" about wall.

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