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Removing links from an elastic watchband is ordinary.

Whether you exactly purchased your observe or include had it for long time, you might need to adjust the way the watchband fits. To tighten or loosen the watchband, remove a link, or several links, from the band with numerous basic gear.

Difficulty: Reasonable


Things You'll Need

Small hole punch Pliers

1 Place the look on your wrist to evaluate how the watchband fits. Squeeze the band among your forefinger and your thumb until the band accommodates you to your liking. Count the links among your fingers. This will be number regarding links that you will remove.

2 Put the tip of a small hole punch into the hole on the link you want to remove. Utilize your other hand or pliers to pull the link bar outside the opposite side.

4 Use a previously removed link bar to connect the clasp and the band by way of inserting the link bar. Insert the link bar into the hole fully extremely that the bar does never stick out about either side.

Web Watches: The way in which to Remove Follow Links

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