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Installation `Chevelure for Maya` and `Chevelure License Server`

  1. Install vcredist_x64.exe
  1. Install Chevelure for Maya
  2. Put chevelure.lic into Chevelure installation directory
  3. Install Chevelure License Server. Point path to chevelure.lic file in Chevelure installation directory

For multihost usage

  1. Share the folder where Chevelure is installed
  2. On each computer add path to Chevelure installation directory into environment variables: PATH and MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH


If license server not found or license is invalid you will see `broken` hair. Like this:

Im 1. License is invalid
Im 2. License is valid


  1. Stop service chevelueLicenseServer
  2. Start start_as_server.bat from chevelure lic server folder
  3. Start start_as_client.bat
  4. Send me information from start_as_server.bat window
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